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The book of John, Paul’s Authentic Epistles and Spinoza’s work show a common approach to salvation and holiness. In find their common ground, we can see the difference in being pious (doing good) and in being holy. Doing as Christ would do, however good, is not being as Christ would be. ‘The Mind of Christ …the making of personal holiness… John, Paul and Spinoza’, available  on-line in hard copy through Amazon books from the Author by e-mail, or  as an e-book on Kindle e-books.


As far as we can discern, of the 13 letters attributed to Paul, 7 are authenticated. These 7 provide a window into Paul’s thinking and approach to personal salvation and holiness — but they need to be unravelled. ‘Unravelling Paul’s Authenticated Epistles – Commentaries’, available  on-line in hard copy through Amazon books,  from the Author by e-mail, or  as an e-book on Kindle e-books.


At the foundation of understanding spiritual formation and development is understanding the basis of beleif and faith. SkillAction addresses these fundamental human conditions through ‘The Existing Christ:  an existential Christology’,  available  on-line in hard copy through Amazon books from the Author by e-mail, or  as an e-book on Kindle e-books. The ‘Existing Christ’ includes another standalone book Christ-specific Lifeskill® Experiences & Experiments Coaching & Counselling“, which can be purchased separately in hard copy on Amazon books or from the Author by e-mail. It i also available as an e-book on Kindle e-books. provides effective personal and group work coaching in skills used to discern and actualize every day living and spiritual life. We provide presentations, workshops, and training for experimental spiritual development. provides support in establishing customized organizational ‘Christ-Specific’ frameworks for  establishing measureable accountability in staff performance in organizational and program settings.


Spinoza is a major influence in western philosophy and theology. Spinoza had a significant and lasting influence on the Enlightenment. But, it may be his larger contribution is yet to come and it will be in the area of Christian Theology and Christology. The book: Spinoza’s Christian Project – Chemistry, Christ and Salvation, sets out Spinoza’s central place for “Christ after the Spirit” in his thinking and his recommendations on how people should live. Spinoza’s Christian Project – Chemistry, Christ and Salvation is available on Amazon and as a Kindle e-book or from the Author by e-mail.  

***************************************************************************** promotes “the new age of old age” introduced through the book ‘Emergent Seniors: An Ecological Framework for Positively Supporting Changing Preferential Behaviours of Dialy Living in Long Term Care’. It is available on Amazon and as a Kindle e-book or from the Author by e-mail. The approach supports seniors to adapt to old age and successfully cope, learn and adapt to the aging process. The approach is most helpful for seniors and their care givers. Presentations and workshop at various levels and forf diverse audiences available on request.


In addition, provides affordable, highly customized temporary and interim management and administration solutions, as well as management and supervisory workshops and training services, to support organizations to attain goals and meet their operational needs, efficiently and effectively. We help bridge gaps during absences or leaves, or between departures and hirings, etc. Amplify your existing management resources to better manage:

  • pressing demands,
  • new projects, or
  • when needing to quickly undertake required operational development sooner.

We endevour to support and enhance organizational and program development, with emphasis on quality improvement. We provide training in basic management and supervision including, for example: MBO/R, Situational Leadership, Lean approach to efficiency, Quality Assurance (CQI), and Project Management, etc.

SkillAction refers to 11 active critical life skills require for sucessful human action and development. 3 skillactions are pervasive in human activity and development: coping, learning and adapting. 8 skillactions are critical to developing functionality in daily living and working: decision-making, mental decision making, problem-solving, mental problem solving, self-management, task completion, mutuality, positive self-imaging. These 11 skills infuse human goal attainment, and support organizational growth.
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